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December 15, 2019


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What To Look for When Choosing a Cryosauna

If you have a business in cryotherapy, then you ought to have this tool so that you can do it well. The cryosauna is not a cheap machine and hence you have to choose the best one in order to get value for your money. Recently, there has been an increase in the uptake of cryotherapy all over the nation and this is because people have realized the merits that this form of treatment comes with in the long run.

We have a number of essentials that you must consider when you are buying a cryotherapy machine. Firstly you will have to decide whether do an acquisition of lease of the equipment. Hiring is justified only if you will need it for a one time session or if it is for a short time. If you require the machine for a long period and then go ahead and lease it, then that may be counteractive to you since you will end up paying a higher costs that it is justifiable.

Before you decide that you either want to hire or buy the cryotherapy machine, it is good that you do a cost benefit analysis for each option and then choose the one that is most cost effective in nature. Secondly you can either choose to buy a zero mileage equipment, that is one that has never bee used before or you can decide to adopt a used one. The new one will definitely be more costly than the used one.

The new cryosauna is however the most preferable since you will get a longer term of service from the machine. How much the cryotherapy machine is costing is another factor. We have different varieties of the machine, you ought to choose one that is within your budget.

When buying this machine you ought to ask the seller whether he has flexible payment programs, for instance installment paying among others. It is also needful to ask whether the seller has financing options. It may not be possible to have the full amount. The safety of the cryotherapy chambers is another thing.

Check for the square footage of unit space that you can get in your business. Do not go buying a machine that will take up a bulk of the space in your premises. You also have to consider the legal compliance requirements that you need to comply with, usually 5×5 for the nitrogen chambers if they will be in a separate room but double if together. Lastly you should think about the profit level you will make, the number of breakdowns should be minimal so that maintenance costs are kept at a low level.

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