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March 11, 2020

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5 Components of an Effective Sales Cadence

A sales cadence is the succession of sales activities that a sales representative initiates to contact prospects and make a sale. It has two key purposes: see to it that leads do not fall through the cracks as the team employs the CRM and that deals are moving forward in the funnel.

The traditional cadence consists of 3 phone calls, 3 emails, 3 voicemails and 3 exchanges on social media. This is a time-proven technique, and if you’ve recently begun structuring your sales process, make this your very first step. Here are the five critical components of an effective sales cadence:Below are the five crucial elements of a successful sales cadence:The following are the five essential components of a sales cadence that works:

Number of Attempts

This is the sum total of the number of touches that have occurred in a particular sequence.

Media Forms

A good sales cadence should tap all communication channels available to you. If you can, know how your clients prefer to receive your message – phone, email or social media – and then use that knowledge to your advantage. When dealing with short sales cycles, transactional sales and smaller deals, aggressive mediums like the phone may be used. With longer sales cycles and bigger deals, start slow with email or social, then get faster with phone as you follow up.

Campaign Length

Studies show the best practice for duration is around two to four weeks. Never stop before reaching two weeks, or you will be wasting a lot of opportunities. Relational or account-based sales techniques even call for a longer time frame, depending on the specific strategy used. For a transactional or high-velocity approach, the cadence must be quicker – around two business weeks.

Activity Gaps

How much time should there be in between your activities – for example, providing content or submitting a proposal – so that your prospects get adequate time to process what you offer them? Usually, this would be anywhere from 1 and 4 days, with transactional sales reps on the lower edge of the scale. In any case, maintain consistent spacing for simplicity.

Types of Content

Usually, your business and your target audience will tell you what your message you need to put out there. Based on research conducted by Boomerang, an email should be between 50 and 125 words. Remember that only content that addresses customers’ pain points will be effective. It is always your customers that you should begin and end with, and it is crucial to take time shaping and knowing your personas.

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