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5 Tips to Help You Troubleshoot Your Brake Booster

December 11, 2019


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The brake booster in a vehicle makes use of the vacuum of an engine to amplify the force that the drive exerts to stop the vehicle. This device is fixed between the master cylinder and the brake pedal. As soon as you hit the brake pedal, this device increases the force you applied, thus slowing down the car within a few seconds. If you want to troubleshoot your brake booster, we suggest that you follow the tips given below.

1. Brake Pedal Won’t Pull Down

You may have this issue when you press the pedal in the process of starting up your vehicle. The brake is supposed to pull down a little bit in response to your action. However, if this doesn’t happen, know that you have an issue to resolve, which is related to the vacuum of your vehicle.

The problem may arise due to the vacuum or fluid leakage because of the worn out hose, piston or valve. In this case, you will need to replace the faulty component to fix the issue.

2. Vacuum Failure

When the engine of your vehicle accelerates, the vehicle shouldn’t have the vacuum failure. But if this happens, you may need to check the check value and get it replaced if it’s the cause of the problem. It can be found inside the inlet fitting. Once replaced, if the issue is still there, you may want to replace the brake booster.

3. Locked-Up Brakes

You may want to use fresh brake fluid if your brakes don’t release properly. What happens is that hygroscopic brake liquid tends to absorb moisture. Moreover, an excessive amount of water in the fluid may lead to vapor lock. As a result, the wheels of your vehicle may have to bear more pressure.

4. Air Noise

You may hear the air noise from under the dash of your vehicle. According to experts, this is not an issue. The sound is generated when you apply the brakes and the air gets into the filter of the booster. You can reduce the noise easily. All you need to do is move around the silencer.

5. Brake Pedal Won’t Return

If the brake pedal won’t go back after you have released it, you can troubleshoot it. You may have a faulty brake booster spring. According to experts, if your vehicle has a broken spring, the brake light may stay on even if you have released the pedal. Aside from this, the broken spring may cause overheating issues as well.

How to Buy a Brake Booster

It’s important to keep in mind that a power brake system is one of the most important parts of a vehicle. So, make sure you buy a high quality power brake booster, as this is a matter of life and death. If you fail to stop your vehicle in an emergency, you may have a serious accident. Your life is in your hands.

So, these are a few tips that can help you troubleshoot your power brake booster.

Reasons Why You Should Repair or Replace Your Windshield

December 11, 2019


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From the safety point of view, the windshield on your car is one of the most important components. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your car window is in working condition. It is not a good idea to drive with the cracked or chipped windshield. After all, you don’t want to risk your life or the lives of the people sitting in the back of your car.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the importance of windshield repair and replacement. Read down to know more.

A broken windshield may increase your chances of injury in case of a collision or rollover. Basically, the role of this window is to protect the driver and other passengers from dust while traveling.

While traveling, many elements such as dirt, rocks, and hail may hit your glass. If something big and hard hits your windshield, it may develop a crack. In this case, it is important that you fix the window as soon as possible. You can either fix the crack or replace the entire unit.

There are many purposes of this glass window. One of the main purposes is that they allow you to enjoy a clear view of what is ahead while you are driving. It is important for you to keep an eye on your surroundings so you can prevent accidents and drive with peace of mind.

If you have a broken or destroyed window, you may not be able to see clearly while driving. Being aware of your surroundings is of paramount importance for many reasons.

Regardless of how careful you may be, accidents may happen. The windshield should be able to absorb the impact then the airbags are released. As soon as the airbags are released, they bounce off of your car windshield in order to protect you from injury.

If the glass is not fitted properly, it may not work properly when the airbag is released. Therefore, having a properly installed windshield it is quite important. In case of a rollover, the windshield will prevent you from being thrown out of your car. In other words, this window works like a buffer to give you protection in case of an accident.

Although you may find it costly to fix chips and cracks, know that your life is much more important than the cost of windshield replacement. If you know that the glass can’t be repaired, you may want to replace it as soon as possible.

Make sure that the professional who is going to replace your car windshield is experienced. Moreover, you may want to request a guarantee as well. Aside from this, make sure that the professional uses high-quality glass that is designed for the type of car you have.

In short, if you have a broken windshield, we suggest that you hire the services of a good professional to repair or replace the entire glass. Ideally, you may want to work with a professional who is qualified, trained and experienced.

Should You Use Rebuilt Auto Parts to Fix Your Vehicle?

December 11, 2019


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Even though automobiles last longer than ever, parts and systems suffer wear and tear. After working efficiently for tens of thousands of miles, many of them fail (usually unexpectedly). The question is, when components fail, should you be confident in the quality of rebuilt replacements or should you always purchase new? Choosing the former will help you save as much as 50% from the cost of new replacements. Choosing the latter costs more, but has the appearance of higher quality.

Below, we’ll explore whether you should place your trust in rebuilt auto parts (RAPs) when you need to replace failing components. I’ll first explain what they are and clarify some of the terms that are used interchangeably when referring to them. Then, I’ll explain why RAPs may be a better option than their newer counterparts (the reason has little to do with price).

Demystifying The Terms

A lot of consumers – and even mechanics – use different terms when referring to rebuilts. For example, they’ll often call them remanufactured or reconditioned components. Let’s take a moment to clarify the terms.

Most experts agree that parts that are remanufactured are those which are completely disassembled for inspection. Any individual pieces that are worn and on the verge of failure are replaced. In so doing, the remanufacturer typically restores the component to OEM standards.

Reconditioned parts are technically defined the same way. They too, are disassembled, inspected, cleaned, and reassembled after all worn pieces have been replaced.

Rebuilders use the same process. They take components apart in order to inspect and replace the individual pieces before reassembling them.

So, what is the difference between these options? On the surface, not much. The most important factor is whether a given component that is rebuilt, remanufactured, or reconditioned has been restored to OEM specifications. The only way to know whether that is the case is if the rebuilder (or manufacturer) offers auto parts that are OEM-certified.

Can Rebuilt Components Deliver Higher Quality?

RAPs are less expensive than new replacement parts. That’s the reason millions of consumers choose them when components fail. However, many people would be surprised to learn that rebuilts can actually offer higher quality.

Some components go through very few changes over the years. For example, an alternator that was manufactured in 2001 will be very similar to one that was manufactured this year. Other components are different. They’re complex and are often improved upon every few years. Transmissions are a good example.

Suppose your car’s transmission failed after 80,000 miles (early in its life). Your options are to buy a rebuilt or a new replacement. If you choose the former, there’s a good chance it will incorporate enhancements that address flaws in previous designs. If you choose the latter (i.e. new), those flaws likely remain. Given this, buying from a rebuilder can actually deliver higher quality for a lower price.

Prices, Warranties, And Peace Of Mind

As you would expect, all new car parts come with a standard warranty. If the component fails or malfunctions during the coverage period, you’ll be able to have the problem fixed without charge. RAPs also come with a warranty, but it’s usually much shorter – sometimes, as short as 90 days. For some parts (e.g. hoses), there’s little concern since they’re inexpensive to replace. On the other hand, for catalytic converters, fuel pumps, and master cylinders, a short coverage period is problematic.

Some rebuilders offer much longer warranties than their competitors – occasionally, as long as 3 years. Combined with OEM certification, these longer warranties provide their customers with a level of confidence similar to new components.

Should you use rebuilt auto parts when replacing those that have failed? That depends largely on your budget and how you perceive the value of new replacements. For many people, rebuilts are the most sensible choice.